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Last month, I decided it was a good idea to reflect on the previous month and it was really fun to pull everything together all in one post. If January was the longest month ever, February was definitely the shortest. I mean I know it is anyway, but it literally flew by!

It seems I spent even more time watching boxsets but I also had a productive month. I’ve applied for a bunch of freelance roles, I’ve got my blog content planned for the next few weeks and I’ve organised another UK city break for May. There will be a post all about my love of UK travel next week in fact!

March will see me heading to London for the Country2Country music festival as well as lots of blog and freelance work. Once I’m back from London, my sole focusing will be on creating content, either for myself or for my freelance clients. I’m determined to make a real go of this!


February Recap

  • Catch up with podcasts: I didn’t do this but I have some long train journeys in March so this will be completed in March. It’s so much easier to stick your headphones in on public transport and just listen.
  • Plan my March London trip: I’ve half planned it. I’ve decided on a couple of places I want to go but I’m always looking for more suggestions, especially restaurants/cafes where I can eat out alone!
  • Content and social media plan for whole of Feb: This, I have actually done! I felt really motivated one day and planned out five weeks of content. Now to get on top of everything!
  • Read 8 books: Oops, I started out with good intentions, but I only managed to get through 3. I need to get back into a routine of reading ever evening before bed!
  • Bake some cookies: Another fail. I don’t want to buy tonnes of ingredients to only bake twice a year. I’ll try another time.
  • Gain one freelance client: Again, not as easy as I thought. I have applied for a handful of freelance roles online though so fingers crossed.
  • Continue with Project Pan: I’ve been really happy with how this is progressing. I’ve bought the odd item of make-up but I was in dire need of a new mascara and primer. I’ll be sharing my empties at the end of March.
  • Stretch daily: I’ve barely even moved this month, let alone stretched. I seriously need to get my act together though because I am soooo unfit right now.
  • Get my hair cut: Another no, purely because the eczema on my scalp is terrible right now and I don’t need the hairdresser to be poking around. I’ll wait until it dies down to cut it.
  • Sell clothes/shoes online: Have I accomplished anything this month? I really need to create some space in my wardrobe!


6 things that made me happy

  1. Easter chocolate returning to stores: I adore Christmas but Easter is by far my favourite holiday. I am somewhat of a chocolate connoisseur because I have it ALL THE TIME. My mum and dad don’t buy me Easter eggs anymore, they just buy me tonnes of Mini Eggs/Galaxy Golden Eggs/Malteser Bunnies.
  2. My Raskog cart: Well it’s not a Raskog, it’s a cheaper version but I’m still trying to perfect how I store things on it. I use it as my desk assistant but we’re currently rearranging the spare room so I’m not sure where it will go.
  3. My London trip next month: I’m going to the Country2Country Festival in March and I’m super excited. I’ll be there Friday-Monday so have three mornings/afternoons loose in London town. Suggestions welcome, I like food and shopping!
  4. Blogging: I’ve really enjoyed getting back into blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of homework around various subjects and am a great student. I’m taking the process slowly but that’s because I want to build something solid here. Taking the time to learn means I’ve got a solid foundation.
  5. Comfy clothing: There’s nothing more I love than lounging around and this was made for joggers and sweatshirts. I’m not that person who can sit around at home in jeans and the first thing I do when I get home from anywhere is get my comfies on.
  6. The OC: It’s in my top 3 fave TV shows of all time but I haven’t watched it for quite some time. I’d forgotten how much I loved it! Summer and Seth are my OTP for sure.


5 fave things this month

  1. Chicago Med: I managed to get through three series of the show this month and caught up with season 4 that’s been sitting in my Sky+ planner for months. I need Universal to hurry up and get the new episodes on. I need to know what happens!
  2. Pinterest: I’ve become a slight addict, checking my app daily. I mostly Pin interiors, blogging tips and capsule wardrobes so it’s a little samey. I’m still not entirely sure how to use it for a business purpose but I’m learning!
  3. Pizza: I really do think pizza may be my one true love. It was also my first love as it was one of the first foods I ever started eating. No matter how healthy I want to be, I could never give up my pizza.
  4. Essence Maximum Definition Mascara: I’ve tried soooo many mascaras over the years and honestly, this is one of the best I’ve ever tried. Better still, it’s only £2.80!
  5. Stripey tops: In fairness, these could be on my list every single month but this month in particular, I’ve been reaching for them more than usual. I have way too many in my wardrobe in all different colours, I’m obsessed!




February in numbers

2 – eyeshadow palettes used (Naked Smoky and Heat)

1 – number of films watched (Green Book)

10 – number of series watched (PLL S6+7, Chicago Med S1-3, Grey’s Anatomy S13, Arrow S1, The OC S1+2, You S1)

4 – number of empties (body spray, eye make-up remover, micellar water and moisturiser)

91 – items of underwear/socks recycled

3 – books read (I Heart Christmas, I heart Forever (both Lindsey Kelk) + How to Make Money Blogging – Bob Lotich)

4 – blog posts (Goodbye January, Hello February, Capsule Wardrobe | Winter Edition, 26 Goals For 26, Minimalism In 2019)

7Instagram posts


March To-Do List and Goals

  • Document my London trip and turn it into a blog post or several: I’ve been to London a few times but always get caught up in a whirlwind. I don’t get many chances to go there (it’s super expensive to get to London from Hull) so I want to make the most of it this time. I’ll be ridin’ solo (thanks Jason Derulo) so want to explore some different areas that I don’t often get to see.
  • Read 8 books: I will read 8 books, I repeat, I will read 8 books. I want to read a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and broaden my horizons.
  • Plan out March and April content: I already have most of March planned but I need to actually schedule them ahead of time, not the night before. Batching posts, photography and social media could be the way forward for me. Posting regularly is definitely something I need to start working towards again. This schedule worked for me in the past so there’s no reason why it can’t work again!
  • Catch up with podcasts: Getting back into blogging mode has mostly come from listening to some awesome podcasts; it certainly helps you to focus!
  • Gain one freelance client: I need to start making some more money pronto or I’ll never be able to afford anything. Thank god for my savings!
  • Get my hair cut: Living in a local village with a hairdressers is certainly interesting; the villagers seem to know everything about everyone! However, the women in there are so nice and it’s reasonably priced.
  • Sell clothes/shoes online: This definitely needs to happen this month. I have one wardrobe pretty much full of items I really don’t want and I could do with the money too!
  • Visit the cinema at least once: There are soooo many amazing films out right now and I want to see them. I’m that person who sits through the trailers and says ‘Let’s go see that film’ and never does. I’ll probably take a solo trip one afternoon though.
  • No spend March (other than my London trip): I can’t go to London and not spend any money but other than that, I’m not allowing any frivilous spending during the month. My spring capsule wardrobe starts in April but I really don’t think I need any more items. I will do when it gets to summer though.
  • Find a fun way to exercise again: I love to dance and I really want to get back into it. It’s also so good for fitness and who doesn’t want to get fit the fun way?


How was February for you? What do you have to look forward to in March? 


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