I’ve been decluttering items left, right and centre for the past few months and have been on the Marie Kondo train for a couple of years now. It all started when I grabbed her book and I really gravitated towards her philosophy of only owning what you love. I know this doesn’t work in all aspects (nobody loves a kitchen utensil or tool but they have a use) but by only keeping what you love, you’ll use it more.

Minimalism isn’t always about decluttering but for me, it’s a great place to start. It’s not about getting rid of everything you own, it’s about making decisions about whether or not you’ll use what you have. Take it from a former hoarder, you probably don’t need everything you have.

Last August, I moved out of my student accommodation/studio flat and moved back in with my parents. I had duplicates of pretty much everything, which meant accumulating double the amount of crap. A bunch of stuff was moved to the loft and I’ve slowly been whittling through everything else.

Don’t think that you have to have a minimalist approach to everything; I collect DVDs/boxsets and stationery but the principle is only holding on to what you love. Minimalism doesn’t work for everyone but you may pick up some tips about a general decluttering!


Don’t expect it to happen overnight or in one day

Do a little every day or every weekend. Choose one drawer at a time and focus solely on that. For me, I like to pick one room and spend an entire day organising it.


Keep the house clean

It’s easy to keep your house organised if it’s clean! It’s an excuse to go all Mrs Hinch on your house! Keep all your cleaning supplies in one place so you’re not frantically looking everywhere for them. Alternatively, you could keep them in the room that you will use them.


Be ruthless

When deciding whether to keep an item, think about whether you use it, love it or need it. If it’s no to all of the above, get rid! If you’re not ready to part wth something, store it somewhere and if within six months you haven’t gone to get it, get rid of it then!


Focus on minimalism in one area at a time

Choose a different room every week/month or start even smaller by picking one drawer or cupboard. If you try to do too much too soon, you’ll end up fading and end up feeling overwhelmed.


Make sure you dispose of items properly

Please don’t just bin everything! Recycle, donate and give away as much as you can. It feels great to give items to charity or to someone you know who needs it.


Use up what you already have

This is the most important one for me right now, especially when it comes to beauty! Instead of constantly buying something new, try to use the items you already own. Do you need another mascara or boots?


Keep your digital devices and profiles tidy

This is probably the hardest to keep on top of, especially as a blogger! I try to transfer files from my phone to my external hard-drive weekly and keep my email inbox as clear as possible or at least move them into folders to read at a later date. Last year, I unsubscribed from as many pesky newsletters as I could and sometimes, I have a social media clearout every so often. Only inactive accounts and those whose content isn’t really for me anymore.


Refuse receipts where you can and opt for email receipts

Minimising waste is such an important area that people seem to forget. Start by saying no when to receipts when shopping as much as you can. Obviously if there are times when you need one but I doubt you do if you’re in a pound shop. Some stores send you an email receipt and then pass you a paper one too: what’s the point in that?


Get into a routine for all tasks: housework, work, blog, meals, fitness

This might not be for everyone but if you get yourself organised, life can be so much easier. When it comes to housework, breaking it down during the week so you don’t spend all weekend cleaning is a godsend. Stick a load of laundry on one night, wash up every night, hoover one evening mid-week. As for everything else, prioritise what you want to spend more time doing!


Eradicate the junk drawer

Every item should have a home! Instead of shoving stuff in a drawer, pop it into a box on display and empty it as often as you can, either daily or weekly. Eventually, you’ll be able to place your belongings back where you got them from straight after use.


Look at all entertainment and get rid every couple of months

Every quarter, I go through my books and DVDs and see if there’s anything I’m not into anymore. This also goes for video games and CDs. I then like to enter them into a reselling website, like Ziffit or Music Magpie. If they’re worth just a few pennies, I’ll donate them to charity instead.


Please remember, this is a process. If you can dedicate a week to getting your decluttering on in one go, good for you. I’ve found over the years that doing a little every day is a great help. For most of us, the wardrobe can be the hardest part so start off smaller with your sock drawer or pyjamas.


Are you a minimalist? What’s been your favourite part of your minimalism journey so far? 


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