Hello August, summer is finally here! We had some beautiful weather in July but it was a little too hot for me. Can you tell I’m a winter baby? Unfortunately, unseasonably hot weather means global warming so we should definitely all do our bit to help to save the planet! Just little changes can make some difference!

August is all the work stuff. I have lots of blogging to do, freelance work to get on with as well as a huge website project for one client and I want to get up-to-date with the online memberships and podcasts that I’m a part of and follow! I’ll also be prepping for my trip to Stratford-upon-Avon in September as it’s an area of the country that my family and I have never been to before. We’ve been to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, North Wales and then Cornwall so we’re exctied to explore a new part of the country to us! As always, suggestions are welcome but we are a non-drinking, cheap eats kind of family so no Michelin-star restaurants or boozy-type pubs please! Let’s say goodbye to July and hello August!


July Recap

  1. Finalise my weekday morning routine: I’ve been doing the same version of my routine for a couple of weeks now and it’s almost there. Waking up at 6.30am and being at my desk for 8am seems to be working for me. I’m definitely at my most productive in a morning. I have a break away from my laptop between 10am and 10.30am for a hot chocolate before getting back to work.
  2. Continue with Grow & Glow: I’m slowly getting through the bundles as best I can but I haven’t had a whole lot of time to dedicate to them this month.
  3. Keep making money online: I’ve still been selling some items on eBay and have a few more to add too. I need to get back into doing surveys daily as well!
  4. Clear out my external hard-drive: Another goal I’ve made some progress with! I’ve tried to organise my images and documents into folders but now I think I might have too many!
  5. Step up my beauty routine: Definitely not. I’ve barely worn make-up all month, especially in Cornwall.My skin will be thanking me for that soon.
  6. Track my time: I’ve been trying to work in time chunks rather than tracking my time, giving myself 50 minutes to complete a task before having a break.
  7. Photograph my trips to London and Cornwall: I did take some photos on both trips but not as many as I would’ve liked. However, it was really nice to enjoy both trips without the pressure of having to photograph every single activity we did.
  8. Take more outfit shots: Nope. I stay at home so much, I’m pretty sure you all don’t need to see me in my pyjamas and joggers on the daily.



I can finally say that I’ve seen Hamilton!


6 things that made me happy

  1. Cornwall family holiday: It was lovely for my parents and I to revisit somewhere that we’ve not been for nine years and get out in the glorious weather and fresh air. Our apartment was neat too and we didn’t argue as much as we usually do whilst we’re away. Bonus!
  2. Spending time away from my laptop: I barely touched my laptop when we were away and have been trying to spend at least one day a week not glued to it too. It’s been great to just relax and get on with other tasks around the house that I’ve been putting off/general housework.
  3. Buying myself a new diary: Now that I buy year-long diaries and not academic ones, I’ve already got so many dates for next year that I needed to jot down. I found an A6 diary from TK Maxx and have already starting filling it in. It’s an 18-month one too so I can keep using it until next Christmas!
  4. Having so many empties on my Cornwall trip: I tried to save some of my beauty products that were nearly finished for my trip because I knew I could get 7 days worth out of them. I managed to use up five products and I’m hoping to do even better on my Stratford trip in September!
  5. Waking up early: I’ve been setting my alarm for 6.30am every weekday morning and even on weekends, I’ve found that I’m waking up between 6.30am and 7.30am. Routine is really important to me so I’m looking forward to fine-tuning mine.
  6. Stage musicals: I saw two shows in July, Hamilton in London and Rock of Ages in Leeds, and both were amazing! Keep an eye of my reviews for both shows, coming later this week!



The film and stage version vary massively (which I didn’t know) with both equally as enjoyable!


5 fave things this month

  1. Ice cream/lollies: I’ve been eating them every day, which is ridiculous but oh so yummy! Empty calories but they just taste so good! Twisters are the best, no matter what that image circulating on social media says!
  2. Years and Years: I say I loved the BBC drama series but it also terrified me. So much of the ‘future’ scenes have already started happening. Will the world even exist by the time I get to retirement age?
  3. No7 Protect & Perfect facial suncream: This stuff is expensive but it’s been amazing for me so far this summer. I actually got two samples from a previous No7 offer, where this was one of the freebies and it’s the perfect handbag size!
  4. Marks and Spencer: The shop of dreams fashion-wise. I kid you not, 25% of my wardrobe is from there (yes, I did count them). I particularly love their basic tees (100% cotton, wash well and so many colours/patterns) and their shoes (my tan sandals have barely been off my feet this summer).
  5. Sleep: I’ve been working so hard lately so I’ve been treating myself to some early nights. I’m talking asleep by 10pm some nights and in general, I’m in bed by 10pm anyway. This is why I never make evening plans with anyone because I like my sleep far too much.


July in numbers

2 – number of films watched (Center Stage, Rock of Ages)

11 – number of series watched (DCC: MTT S9-13, Chicago Fire S4-6, Years and Years, Dark Money, Gilmore Girls S1)

7 – number of empties (body spray, mini micellar water, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish remover pads, shower gel, dry scalp shampoo)

3 – books read (My Morning Routine – Benjamin Spall, Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week – Lindsey Kelk, How To Start a Profitable Blog – David Lim)

3 – blog posts (Motown the Musical Review, Goodbye June, Hello July, Cornwall on a Budget + My Fave Spots)

2 – Instagram posts



Going back to my annual Gilmore Girls marathon. How did I not like this show growing up, watching on T4?


August To-Do List and Goals

  1. Get up-to-date with Grow & Glow: Now Vix has welcomed new members, I need to step it up. I’ve been slow at progressing through the bundles so I want to get everything completed.
  2. Complete my media kit: The stats are ready but I’ve never sat down to get it done. I really should because this is why I’m not progressing with my blog!
  3. Work on my freelance website: I’ve had it set up for a while but it’s just sitting there whilst I pay! I need to get some ideas planned and uploaded soon.
  4. Complete a workout plan: Another month has gone by where I’ve been lazy. I want to ease my way back into exercise by taking some online ballet classes now I have my split-sole shoes. This should help with my flexibility too!
  5. Batch work: Now work is increasing, I need to start to organise my time better. By focusing on one area a day, this should help me to use my time productively instead of hitting the wall.
  6. Prepare for Stratford-upon-Avon: In September, my parents and I are heading to Stratford and I want to plan some blog content around this by approaching some local companies about working together.
  7. Complete all August posts in advance: Ideally, I’d like to have them ready to go two weeks in advance so if anything pops up out of the ordinary, I have time to adapt and at least I know I have some content going live.
  8. Tidy up my Internet favourites: It might seem retro but I save a lot of websites in my Chrome browser: blog post ideas, jobs to apply for, wishlist items. However, I never semm to go back to read them. This task will be done in stages, rather than in one go!


Now time to put these plans into action! Does anyone have a jam-packed month or are you taking it easy in August?

I’d love to know your goals too so leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!



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