I cannot believe we are now halfway through 2019! How is that even possible? We’ll be soon in a new decade too which is pretty scary to think about!

June was a mixed month for me. I had some exciting times: potential new clients and freelance opportunities, lots of blog content planned out for the rest of the year, two of my friends got engaged and I help my nanna move house last weekend finally. However, it was equally as rubbish: I came down with the flu for over a week, I was incredibly lazy and did zero workouts and I procrastinated far too much with many tasks.

July looks set to be a great month as long as I can stay organised. Tomorrow, I head to London for a night as I’m seeing Hamilton during the day and then Carrie Underwood in the evening. Then we’re heading on a family holiday to Cornwall for a week, which I am really looking forward to. It’s been 10 years since we’ve last been so I can’t wait to visit some new places and eat lots of food!

With so much going on in July, I really need to get on top of my freelance work and blog before going away. I really want to spend the week as unplugged as I can. I’ll be documenting my trips on Instagram Stories and hope to get some blog content out of them both but whilst I’m there, I want to do as little work as possible! So let’s say Hello July and see what I’ve been up to over the past month.


June Recap

  1. Complete a no-spend month: I failed at this because I was in dire need of summer clothes. However, I did spend most of my online shopping back so does that count? I guess it turned to a low-spend month rather than no-spend.
  2. Start/complete the Blogilates 28 Day Summer Sculpt Program: That was a no.
  3. Gain one freelance client: I have some plans set in motion which I’m really excited about so fingers crossed it all comes to fruition.
  4. Read 4 books: I finished 1 but honestly, I was really disappointed with myself. Definitely need to start reading before bed again!
  5. Batch my blog tasks: I feel like I’m slowly adopting this as a strategy and I’m getting there!
  6. Have a planning session every Sunday: This is one goal that I will be sticking with from now on. It worked so well last year for me and I’m happy to get back into that routine!
  7. Get organised for my July holidays:
  8. Create my summer capsule wardrobe and shopping list: Done and done. I’ll be sharing my summer capsule this month with you all and the shopping list has been made and bought!
  9. Catch up with podcasts: There are so many to catch up on that I’m nowhere near. I just keep discovering new podcasts!
  10. Get blog ready for daily blogging in July: I decided to scrap daily blogging but I will be posting every other day (fingers crossed). I have planned out my content until mid-November!




6 things that made me happy

  1. Getting a Jonas Brothers ticket: I’ve been a JoBros fan since 2007. I was such a Disney Channel kid in my teens and the original JB (soz, Bieber) are my one true love (other than McFly and The Beatles). After ballsing up my album pre-order (I spelled my email address incorrectly), I managed to get through to customer services, get my presale code and finally got myself a ticket. Now to convince Nick to get a divorce so I can finally become Mrs Nick Jonas…
  2. My Grow and Glow accountability partner: Kayleigh and myself were paired up as partners for the first month in June and it’s been a blast (god I sound so American!) getting to know her. We set ourselves some goals to complete in the month and it was great to check in with each other every day.
  3. Painting my nails: I’ve started doing this once a week now and it’s nice to have a short break away from all the craziness that is freelancing. I’ve been gravitating to metallics more this month!
  4. Changing up my blog content: I’ve been mulling it over for a while and after doing a tonne of research and seeing what my most popular posts are so far this year, I think I’m going to go down the slow living and minimalism route. Think capsule wardrobes still, how I store items, how I pack for trips, along with the occasional travel, theatre and lifestyle post thrown in. I’d love your feedback as I trial new ideas!
  5. Planning sessions: It’s been great to sit down every Sunday and plan out my entire week in one session. I get all my planners, stickers and coloured pens out and organise everything from my blog to workouts, meals to freelance work. I create a weekly to-do list and then break everything down to daily lists.
  6. The Hills New Beginnings: I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with it but it’s bringing back so much nostalgia. It’s still not the same without Lauren and Lo and Whitney is just making cameo appearances but it’s still filled with the drama. It does sort of feel like they’re all still fame-hungry though seeing as most hop from one reality show to another!


5 fave things this month

  1. Carrie Underwood: I will be seeing Carrie live tomorrow and I am super excited! I’m a huge country music fan as most of you know and she is the princess of country! By the reviews of her tour so far, I’m expecting lots of sparkles and some insane vocals!
  2. Chicago Fire: Oh my beloved firemen/women. The OneChicago shows are my absolute faves but Fire is definitely the best show of them all. Bring back Peter Mills!
  3. Boyfriend jeans: I’m so over skinny jeans for the time being, probably because there is nothing worse than peeling them off during hot weather. I’m loving a looser fit that means I can move around a little more and boyfriend jeans are perfect for that!
  4. Eating less takeaways: Since we’re going on a family holiday to Cornwall next weekend, we’ve been trying to save as many pennies as possible because we know how expensive meals out are down there. This means more cooking/grabbing frozen meals because they’re a lot easier!
  5. Making extra money: Since going freelance, money is tight whilst I build up my business and client base. This means trying to find extra ways of getting income. I’ve taken to selling unwanted clothes on eBay and doing as many surveys as possible!




June in numbers

2 – eyeshadow palettes (Essence All About Roses, UD Naked Heat)

5 – number of films watched (Meet Me in St Louis, The Sound of Music, Chasing Happiness – Jonas Brothers, Singin’ in the Rain, Jersey Boys)

7 – number of series watched (Arrow S5-7, DCC: MTT S8, Chicago Fire S1-3)

2 – number of empties (mini micellar water, moisturiser)

1 – books read (Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan)

3 – blog posts (Goodbye May, Hello June, Summer Capsule Starter Kit, Project Pan 2019: Spring Empties)

5 – Instagram posts




July To-Do List and Goals

  1. Finalise my weekday morning routine: I’ve tried a few different ways of my routine, starting from waking up to sitting at my desk, but I’ve yet to be completely satisfied with it. I definitely want to get round to making an official routine by the end of the month.
  2. Continue with Grow & Glow: I’ve really enjoyed dipping my toe into the resources and community but this month, I want to fully dive in. I want to chat to more creators involved, check out their blogs and socials and work on constantly improving my online presence.
  3. Keep making money online: Although I have my blog and my freelancing, I also try to make other money online, usually surveys and eBay selling. I want to spend some time every morning and evening trying some side hustling.
  4. Clear out my external hard-drive: I transfer everything from my laptop to my hard-drive usually every day but I know there is a backlog of stuff on there. I need to have a proper sort through it!
  5. Step up my beauty routine: I’ve slacked off with my skincare and often don’t wear any make-up with working from home but maybe that might help me to procrastinate less!
  6. Track my time: Although I get my work done, I still have a couple of tasks left on my to-do list every day. After listening to Holly‘s podcast, I’d love to get even more out of my time. I bought myself a time cube to hopefully motivate me to keep working within a set time.
  7. Photograph my trips to London and Cornwall: I want to create content around both trips so I need to make sure I take some quality photos. Normally I like to not have my phone in my hand constantly but I would like to try documenting these trips this month.
  8. Take more outfit shots: I need to become more confident in front of the camera and with my capsule wardrobe, I’d love to share more about which pieces I’m actually wearing and how I’ve been styling them.


Do you have any exciting plans for July? What do you want to achieve this month?

Leave me a comment below!



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