2020 was a year to forget or was it? It seems when I sat down to review the past 12 months, my year wasn’t as bad as I may have first thought. I know I’ve been incredibly lucky there but lockdown hasn’t affected me as much as others. However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some really low points. The 2020 edit is a little different this year but I’ve tried to keep it as positive as possible.

3 trips to London

Considering how this year’s gone, I’m glad I managed to fit in trips to London in January, February and March before lockdown. My March trip was probably one of my favourites ever. I was due to go to the Country2Country festival but that was cancelled. I decided to go to 5 West End shows instead! Best time ever!

3 press nights to my local theatre

I’m really proud to have been put on the press list for my local theatre, Hull New Theatre, and hope to be able to see even more shows in 2021! We Will Rock You, Beautiful and Mamma Mia were all such different shows!

Took my business development + learning seriously

Throughout 2020, I invested in myself and my business to keep me on the right track. I joined the Busy To Boss Academy, the Co-working Club and Inspire, Write, Repeat and honestly, I’ve met some of the most incredible women in all three groups. They’re not just memberships, they’re communities and that’s the best part.

Did my tax return early

I mean I didn’t have anything else to do in April, really! It meant I didn’t have to think about it all year long so I just got it out of the way earlier. Top tip: do your accounts regularly and your tax return will be a breeze!

Set up my business properly

I did a lot of research of how to set up a business as a freelancer/sole trader. From that, I managed to set up a business bank account, a private pension, a brand new website and social media channels. It’s probably the biggest investment I’ve ever made for myself but so worth it!


As you all know, musicals are a huge part of my life and Hamilton came at just the right time on Disney+. It’s really helped to make the genre popular again and bring in lots of new fans. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve actually watched it now!

folklore + evermore

The other saviour of 2020 was of course, Taylor Swift. A huge Swiftie myself, she graced us with not one, but two albums this year. Both are just what I needed this year. They’re still not quite on a par with her Red album for me but they’re certainly up there!

Got a new bed + laptop

I’ve been pretty good with minimal spending this year but I did manage a couple of big purchases: a new bed and a new laptop. The new bed has been planned for quite some time; my old one finally became uncomfy and in came the new model.

On the other hand, my laptop purchase was not planned when my old one refused to charge anymore. Luckily, I’d built up my emergency fund for instances just like this and it saved the day! The beauty is that I can charge it as a business expense too. Result!

TEE rebrand

I decided to relaunch, revamp and rebrand The English Everygirl to coincide with my business launch too. I thought it was about time that I got back into blogging and define my niches. Many days were spent planning and prepping and I’m loving my new direction so far! More money, minalism and organisation tips coming your way in 2021 as well as a complete change in my Instagram content.

Went full-time self-employed

My biggest achievement of the year has to be leaving my Post Office job in September and going freelance. It’s a huge risk but one I’m really hoping will pay off. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and more determined and focused, if that were even possible. Working for myself is an absolute dream come true. Sure, there are days when I struggle (usually when I’m waiting on unpaid invoices) but four months in and I still feel content.

Sitting down to review the 2020 edit definitely made me think outside the box a little more. It’s all about appreciating the little things in life and celebrating any and all accomplishments!

2020 STATS

It’s been a long year and I’ve been feeling like I haven’t accomplished a great deal. However, when I sat down to review the year, I realised I’d gathered some big number in other areas. I watched a lot of TV, read tonnes of books and managed to see more theatre shows than I thought I had! I’ve rounded up my stats in numbers and I’m quite pleased with them! The 2020 edit would not be complete without them!

  • 88 box sets watched
  • 67 films watched
  • 104 books read
  • 20,889 pages read
  • 25 blog posts written for TEE
  • £1600 paid into Help2Buy ISA
  • 11 theatre shows seen

2020 has been a year, some bad but some great for me personally. Yes, it’s been a bit of a nightmare but I’ve also had some amazing highs, such as launching my business. It doesn’t get much better than that for me! I thought about not doing the 2020 edit but then I decided that I have lots to be proud of. For years, I’ve dimmed my sparkle, so to speak, and now it’s time for me to take control of my life and believe in myself. Here’s to 2021 being an even better year for all of us!


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