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There’s something so therapeutic for me about reviewing and recapping things and it’s no different when it comes to my capsule wardrobe. Since this is the first time I’ve actually stated in writing (or blog form) that I’m doing a capsule wardrobe, I feel like I have to go through with it!

Since organising my winter capsule, it’s been really interesting to see which items I no longer love and which items I’m obsessed with. I feel like I’ve started to narrow down my personal style as I’ve got older and know that most fashion trends are not for me. Give me jeans and a T-shirt over silky skirts any day!

I did a lot of research before implementing my capsule wardrobe but I still have to remind myself that it is just an experiment. Although minimalism is my end goal this year, it is a work in progress and a learning curve. Capsule wardrobes take a long time to get right and I’m only at the beginning.

Although I have been tracking my wear count, I don’t have a set number of items in my wardrobe. I still have more than I would like but I’m not going to remove an item if I still love it. The beauty of capsule wardrobes is that you get to evaluate every couple of months. You get to see why you’re holding onto an item and if you really do need it. It’s not about getting rid of all of the clothes you own, it’s about only owning items you love and wear regularly. Obviously, I have a selection of clothes that I still need but only wear on occasion but this takes up very little space in my wardrobe.

Now it’s been three months since I initally set out my winter capsule, I wanted to reflect on how it went and if it was everything I hoped it would be!


capsule wardrobe winter recap 1


Winter Goals Recap

  • Allow some skin to breathe: Because layering was key for me, I allowed myself to wear a scoop-neck or V-neck T-shirt and then wore a cardigan or jacket on top. You can always cover up with a scarf if it’s really cold and remove it when you heat up.
  • Add colour to outfits through make up: I’ve tried to experiment with make-up as much as possible but I’m still learning here. I’m trying to go through my collection and use a different eyeshadow palette every week or so as well as experiment with eyeliner and lipstick. I’ve not nailed down my perfect looks yet but it’s been fun to try!
  • Wear more accessories: I managed to go through my collection and try every piece of jewellery on. I donated quite a few pieces and now own just the ones I love. I have a few statement necklaces as well as some more delicate pieces. I got rid of all chunky rings and bracelets as they’re just not my style anymore.
  • Track how much you wear each item: Success! I made a running list on a piece of paper and stuck it inside my wardrobe door. That way, I could tally my wear count every morning as I picked out an outfit. It was really insightful to see which pieces were never worn and which pieces I grabbed on several occasions.
  • Dress up every once in a while: Adding a pair of heeled boots and jewellery to an outfit really does make a difference. If I’ve only been going out for a couple of hours, I’ve risked it in heels. Despite being 5″2, I hate wearing heels. I used to love them in my late teens/early twenties but I have come to the conclusion in the last year or so that heels don’t love me.


Most and least worn items

capsule wardrobe winter recap 2

Most: I have an obsession with Breton stripes. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, monochrome, colourful: you name it, I’ll wear it. My most worn item is the above Fat Face pink/white striped top. For some reason, it is unavailable online currently but I have seen it in stores. The range is also on offer currently. The cotton is organic as well as super soft and as my mother would say, it washes well. They’re my favourite range of Breton tops and I definitely will be adding a couple more to my collection when autumn comes around.

Least: There were 22 items that I didn’t wear at all during the winter. Three of those were new items bought towards the end of the capsule so I wouldn’t expect to have worn them all. Five of them are more spring/summer items in pastel/bright colours so again, I probably shouldn’t have included them. Four items were thick jumpers which I have discovered are not my idea of winter style. They’re hard to layer and I often get too hot when I’m out and about in them. I will be keeping them as I still like them all but they will be removed from future capsules.

That leaves ten items that were suitable for winter but I didn’t wear. Nine short-sleeved tops and one long-sleeved top. The long-sleeved top is still a favourite but it is dressier than most items. I think I’ll keep it for interviews and meetings in the future and not include it in my capsule. The other nine are a mixture of dressy tops, slogan T-shirts and basic, fitted T-shirts. I will probably get rid of a couple of them or move them to my comfies collection.


Winter takeaways

  1. I spend far too much time in comfies. Even though I work from home, I don’t wear anywhere near as many regular clothes as I should because I live in my comfy clothes: old t-shirts, joggers, slippers. I need to start dressing properly like I mean business. It might mean I actually do some work instead of spending more time procrastinating.
  2. Layering is key for me. I’m such a cold arse that I’m regularly in 3-4 layers. I found myself wearing the same vest under every jumper which leads me to my next point.
  3. I need more base layers. I have a couple of short-sleeved basics but very few vests/tanks. If I could just get a couple in white, black and nude, that should be enough for every season.
  4. Casual is key. I’m really not a dressy person. Even when I do go out anywhere, I wear trainers and jeans. I might occasionally switch them out for boots but that’s as dressy as I get. That’s why I’m selling all of my heels, dresses and skirts. They’ve served me well but they’re just not my style anymore.
  5. I need smarter footwear. Although I love casual dressing, I’d like to at least look smart. I have a couple of pairs of loafers but I’d like some leather-look trainers to make my outfits less juvenile and casual, and more adult and smart.
  6. I need to accessorise more. Because my wardrobe is so full of to-sell items, my jewellery organiser is squished in so I can barely see what’s in it. Once my wardrobes are less crammed, I might be able to see what’s in there!
  7. Thick jumpers are not really my style. As much as I am always cold, I much prefer to layer up a couple of times rather than have one thick-knit on and then my coat. I just feel like they add too much bulk to my petite frame so I may have to move them to my comfies wardrobe instead.
  8. Next winter, I’ll need to add quite a few pieces. I have several jumpers and long-sleeved T-shirts that may not make it to next winter. Not because I don’t love them, but because I’ve worn them so much that they’ve seen better days. If I wear them during cooler spring days, it might be time to retire them permanently.
  9. Having a capsule wardrobe has made packing a lot easier. I go on a few short UK breaks every year and having less choice in my wardrobe makes it a hell of a lot easier. Packing now takes 10-15 minutes for clothes, rather than an hour as it has in the past. This is because I know that most of my wardrobe is mix and match: pretty much every top/jumper/sweatshirt goes with every pair of bottoms that I have.
  10. I enjoy colour but it’s not that important. I have a few tops in my accent colours (pink, blue, lilac, reds) but predominantly my wardrobe is built on black, grey and denim and I’m okay with that. Black doesn’t have to mean boring because I incorporate different materials and texture in there.


Mid-season additions

I wanted to add a couple of jumpers to my collection and after receiving a Next gift voucher for Christmas, this was the perfect time to have a look. I knew that I couldn’t go three months without shopping but because I’d just had a huge clearout, I knew I needed a few items to replace them. I discovered Bonmarche is my sort of shop now after previously just thinking it was for old ladies and found that New Look is no longer my style whatsoever after returning all of a £50 order. I also returned two pairs of trainers to ASOS because they are incredibly small fitting!

capsule wardrobe winter recap 3

Next: navy/multi-coloured stripey jumper (£20) + teal/white stripey jumper (£16) = £11 + £25 gift voucher

Bonmarche: navy striped heart tee (£14), black studded tee (£14), black ankle boots (£15), grey striped sweater (£9), burgundy striped sweater (£9), red striped heart tee (£10), blue/grey basic tee (£1) = £72

Matalan: black/blue colourblock jumper (unavailable, sale item) = £10

capsule wardrobe winter recap 4

Fat Face: light blue/white striped thin sweater (similar) = £15 (birthday gift so £0 spend)

Total spend: £93 for 10 items

Because of the flexibility for my capsules, I’ve merely tried to limit the number of hauls, especially when there was a point when I was making 3-4 orders a week in the past! I made 5 online orders in the space of three months and returned two of them. I’d say that’s progress.

I’d still like to reduce that number so I’m just making purchases in the last month of the capsule but I’m opposed to buying an item if I love it or it’s a replacement. I also shop out of season so I may start buying items for autumn/winter now if they are in the sale!


Overall, I’m really pleased with how my first capsule wardrobe experiment has gone. I’ve tried to wear as many items as possible and note why I’m wearing something, or why I’m not. I’ll be sharing my spring capsule wardrobe next week so stay tuned!

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? How did you get on? Leave me a comment below!


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