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I swear this year is going by way too quickly. Saying that makes me feel old! The truth is I’m happy for this year to keep moving along because I have lots of exciting plans towards the end of next year and further ahead too.

May was an interesting month. I’m in the midst of setting up my freelance website and spent a lot of time doing a tonne of research. It’s a good job that I work from home because the useless electrician we employed for the kitchen had to make four visits instead of the predicted two and someone had to be in to babysit him! I went on a trip to Chester and watched Thriller Live at my local theatre. I even started some new organisation techniques and now it’s just a case of seeing which work best for me. I allowed myself to take some days off working too because I’ve been doing so much work recently, that I’ve barely had time to breathe!

June is set to be a quieter month for me. I’m off to Sheffield to see Westlife with one of my best friends so we’ll be spending an extra day there, probably shopping knowing us! I’ve also got another theatre trip planned to see Motown the Musical. Other than that, I’ll be spending the bulk of my time working on my blog and freelance business. It’s about time I really started to get some plans in place and start setting myself some goals for the second half of the year if I really want to take it off the ground. But first, let’s see how I got on in May and what I want to work on for June.




May Recap

  • Create a healthy morning routine: I’ve created two different routines, one is a little more pro-active than the ‘slow living’ routine designed for those days when I’ve usually had a bad night’s sleep. I’ve started getting out of bed when my alarm goes off and not looking at my phone until I’m ready to start my day.
  • Create a before-bed evening routine: Towards the end of the month, I started to read before bed and it definitely helped me to relax. I’ve been sticking to my skincare routine and switching off my phone too. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% happy with the routine yet but it’s going in the right direction.
  • Post to Instagram daily: How on Earth do some of you find the energy to post daily? I love the app but my photos are nowhere near strong enough. I’m okay with that because I’m more of a writer and I don’t have the tech but I am trying to improve my photography skills.
  • Take one full day off a week: One goal I’ve actually stuck too! It’s usually a Saturday so my dad and I can have a daddy-daughter day. Lately it’s been a day of watching sport or a DIY day in the kitchen but we try and make it fun (usually by sticking on some singalong tunes!).
  • Catch up with Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin + Arrow: I’m halfway through this so far. I’ve caught up with Grey’s and am now a big DeLuca fan. I couldn’t see the attraction at first but when he started speaking Italian, my heart melted. I’m currently making my way through season 5 of Arrow and have only managed one season of Jane the Virgin so far but I’m getting there!
  • Keep track of spending: Despite my shopping trips in Chester, I’ve been as good as I can with money this month. I’ve been updating my budget planner daily and looking at the areas I need to cut back on. Lots of random Amazon purchases this month!
  • Read 3 books: I managed to read two books this month (you can find out which ones if you read on!) and that was only in the last week of the month. I definitely need to get back on track with my reading list or I’ll never make my goal for the year!
  • Document my Chester trip: This was a huge fail because I actually enjoyed not spending so much time on my phone. I did so much walking and the fresh air did me the world of good. It was so nice to walk around a familiar place but discover some new things whilst I was there too.
  • Update 2 old blog posts every weekday: I haven’t done this every day but I have updated a few. It’s hard to go back and edit old content when you’re trying to constantly think about what new content you want to produce. It can give you some inspiration though!
  • Get my hair cut: Let’s face facts, the more I put this on my list, the less of a chance I’ll actually get it done.


6 things that made me happy

  1. Eurovision: Nothing says spring like some cheesy Euro-pop. I wish the songs were a little more cheesy now as they used to be! Still annoyed that Sweden didn’t win, their song was super catchy!
  2. Westlife: I’ve been a fan since 1999, the very beginning, and to get ready for the concert in June, I’ve been listening to them all month long! I’m hoping they do more from their first three albums because I can’t deal with the cheesy cover ballads.
  3. Chester: My trip to Chester was one of my favourites ever. I decided to stay off my phone for the most part and just enjoying the trip.
  4. Ditching the coats: Since the weather is warming up, I’ve been able to ditch my coats, pack most of them away bar one waterproof and live in thinner jackets. Some days, I’ve not even worn a jacket and for someone who is allllways cold, that’s a shock horror!
  5. Community: The sense of community in the blogging world seems to be increasing. I’m part of a couple of memberships: Julia’s Independent Girls Collective, Vix’s Grow and Glow (I’m one of 100 founding members!) and We Blog North. June will be spent delving further into the members’ hubs of all three and connecting with fellow members!
  6. Lindsey Kelk: My fave author released her final saga in her I Heart series this month and I am so sad it’s over. It’s my favourite book series other than Harry Potter and I managed to win a proof copy so got to complete it before it was released. No spoilers but it’s the perfect ending to the series.




5 fave things this month

  1. Marks and Spencer: Since moving to a capsule wardrobe, I’ve found myself shopping less and less. I like to browse the stores/online once a month and buy a couple of items that catch my eye. However, this month was a little different because M&S are killing it right now. I grabbed these stylish white trainers, these polka dot cotton joggers (so comfy), this purple/pink ribbed longline top, this grey slogan tee, this blue slogan tee, this grey striped tee and this blue leopard print top. All seven of these items fit my casual style. I needed some summer clothes pronto!
  2. Neutral make-up: I’ve been wearing a more muted style of make-up recently, allowing my skin to breathe. I stick to my regular look and just change up my eyes, with eyeshadow and eyeliner. I’ve been reaching for this NYX rose gold eyeliner a lot this month.
  3. Arrow: I’m halfway through season 5 currently and have really got into it again. I recorded season 7 on Sky+ so I’m hoping to get that watched by the end of June. I’m really sad Felicity is leaving the show though so I’m intrigued to see her ending.
  4. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team: My other fave show this month is DCC:MTT. As most of you know, I’m a former dancer myself and I found this show on ITVBe a couple of years ago. Now I’m watching older series online and loving it all over again! The talent of the women involved is amazing. If you love dance, you should give it a watch.
  5. Making lists: I’ve always loved a list but this month, I’ve been making lists about almost everything: to-do lists, shopping lists, TV watched, TBR lists. If it works in a list format, I’ve written it down. It’s also an excuse to use the many spare notebooks that I have!


May in numbers

2 – eyeshadow palettes used (MUA Undress Me Too, LA Girl Nudes)

3 – number of films watched (42nd Street*, Top Hat*, The Wizard of Oz*)

8 – number of series watched (Grey’s Anatomy S14*, Arrow S3*+S4*, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team S3, 5-7, Jane the Virgin S1)

4 – number of series completed (Grey’s Anatomy S15, The Flash S5, 9-1-1 S2, Law & Order: SVU S20)

12 – number of empties (shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, toner, roll-on deodrant, body spray, make-up wipes, face powder, stick concealer, liquid concealer, eye primer, mini micellar water)

2 – books read (I Heart Hawaii – Lindsey Kelk*, Hinch Yourself Happy – Mrs Hinch*)

6 – blog posts (Goodbye April, Hello May, My 10 Favourite Movie Musicals, Thriller Live @ Hull New Theatre, 101 in 1001: The Halfway Point, The KonMari Method: How It Works for Me, My Budget Skincare Routine)

6 – Instagram posts




June To-Do List and Goals

  1. Complete a no-spend month: Because I’m still chasing invoices, money is a little tight right now. There are very few things I need to spend on this month so will be having a no-spend month. I can spend a little bit on my Sheffield trip and if a friends invites me out for coffee but other than that, zero will be spent, especially nothing on beauty products or clothing!
  2. Start/complete the Blogilates 28 Day Summer Sculpt Program: Starting on 3rd June, I’ll be joining in with the latest Blogilates challenge for a change. I need to work on my fitness again so opting for something different to my usual summer series.
  3. Gain one freelance client: Now I have my website, the aim is the month to work on it so I’m happy with it and hopefully that will lead to more clients!
  4. Read 4 books: Having read two in May, four seems achievable especially now I’m incorporated reading into my evening routine again.
  5. Batch my blog tasks: As I said earlier, I’ve been trying different techniques to boost my productivity and batching seems to be one that works, especially when it comes to writing posts, scheduling social media, PR outreach, taking/editing photos as well as planning the next month’s posts. Dedicating a day or half a day to each task should mean I have more time to work on other tasks too.
  6. Have a planning session every Sunday: I’ve fallen out of love with planning sessions in recent months but I always found that sitting down with my multiple diaries every Sunday night and organising my week used to be a huge help in getting things done.
  7. Get organised for my July holidays: In July, I’ll be visiting London for an overnight stay as well as a week’s family holiday to Lostwithiel in Cornwall. I need to sit down and plan my itinerary for them both. Yes, I am that person.
  8. Create my summer capsule wardrobe and shopping list: The end of June signals the end of my spring capsule wardrobe. I know I need some summer pieces so I’m hoping if I can get on top of my fitness levels again and lose a few pounds, I will fit in a certain size properly instead of being between two!
  9. Catch up with podcasts: I’ve been recommended so many amazing podcasts lately and haven’t even scratched the surface with some of them. I want to try to listen to at least one a day and usually that is accompanied by me making notes along the way too!
  10. Get blog ready for daily blogging in July: I’m contemplating blogging every day in July but I need to get June out of the way first! Just getting as far ahead as I can with my blog schedule will be a win for me!


How was May for you? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? What are your goals for June? Leave me a comment below, send me a Tweet or an Instagram DM!



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