It’s been just over 500 days since I created my 101 in 1001 list and in all honesty, I’d sort of forgotten about it. I don’t often go back over my yearly goals on a regular basis because I’m always focused on the shorter-term goals. Setting 101 goals wasn’t an easy feat and now that I’m halfway through, you can tell I’ve paid just slightly more than zero attention to them!
I thought since it’s around halfway through, I’d take some time to have a read through my original list that I made at the start of 2018 and see what, if anything, I’d accommplished. After 250 days, I’d managed to complete 8 out of 1001, which is poor. Maybe the second half will be better than the first?


1. Save £5,000. Since going freelance in December, I’ve had to dip in and out of my savings a little but I’ve been gradually building up the pot again so I’m just over halfway there. However, I’ve just spend a couple of days shopping in Chester but don’t want to look at my bank account yet! £2500/£5000

4. Create and stick to a budget. Working from home has meant I’ve only be spending on theatre tickets and hotels/travel for some trips. My day-to-day spending has been really limited and I’m proud of that! Less takeaway hot chocolates and snacks!




7. Start a capsule wardrobe for spring (March-May), stick with it for 3 months then have one every season after. After completing my winter capsule, I’m now halfway through my spring one and I’m loving it so far! I’ve only added 17 items since the start of the year (pre trip to Chester!), which is way less than ever before! Most of these have been replacements though.



16. Graduate from my Masters degree. After screwing up my original final project, I had to redo it for January and I’ve finally passed! Your girl now has an MA in Sports Journalism!

Blogging/Social Media

43. Buy a new camera and tripod. I’m still taking photos on my iPhone but I did buy a cheap tripod from Amazon to help out with my photography. However, it’s still in its box.

44. Complete About Me and Contact Me pages. I updated my About page recently after listening to Vix’s podcast but I still want to make some improvements! It’s more of a placeholder for the time being.

46. Go self-hosted. I got the lovely Fiona to sort everything out for me and she was a star. She moved me across to WordPress and helped me out with the coding too.



64. See 3 West End musicals in London. I saw Wicked again in December, which was incredible as always. I have 3 shows booked in so far before next January (Hamilton, Six and Dear Evan Hansen) so this goal will be completed in October! 1/3




65. Go on a touristy trip to London. When I went to London in March, I took myself on a theatre tour but I definitely want to check out the other landmarks again.


70. Read 70 books (one a fortnight). I had 9 previously and have read 13 books so far in 2019. 22/70

72. Go to 3 concerts. After seeing Daughtry in October, I headed to London for C2C in March and saw tonnes of bands! It was spread over three days but I saw so many acts. I’ve got 4 more concerts planned in the next year or so so I will have smashed this goal! 3/3

73. Watch 125 new-to-me films. I found myself watching TV a lot more than movies and when I have watched a film, I’ve watched Harry Potter. I did go to the cinema to watch Green Book and On The Basis of Sex and both were extraordinary. I don’t see how on Earth I’m going to reach this goal! 2/125

74. Watch my musicals collection A-Z. As above, I’ve barely watched any films in the past year or so so I think I’m still up to C. Instead, I’ve watched them at random whenever I’ve felt like it.




77. Finish: Because I’ve not watched many films, I’ve been watching a tonne of box sets instead. I’ve FINALLY  caught up with Grey’s Anatomy as well as Chicago Med and plenty of others. I also watched The Disappearance of Madeline McCann on Netflix and a host of crime documentaries on the telly.

78. Rewatch: Going back to watch some of my faves was certainly easier than most goals I set myself! I found myself rewatching The OC, Pretty Little Liars and Smash, all of which are in my top 10 drama TV list.

80. Re-read the Harry Potter books. I’ve finished the first one and have recently started the second. I like to read other books in between, hence why it takes me longer! 1/8




81. Visit the theatre 15 times. Since October, I’ve managed to visit another 4 times to see Northern Ballet’s The Nutcracker, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and Thriller Live at Hull New Theatre as well as Wicked in London. I’ve got 13 more visits planned within the next year or so too! 8/15

Completed this quarter: 3
Completed 11/101
As you can see, my attempt at 101 in 1001 isn’t particularly successful so far. I still have 500-ish days to get through all of my goals but in all seriousness, I’m not sure I’ll make it through them all!
Are you a fan of 101 in 1001 lists? Could you even think of 101 goals you want to achieve? Leave me a comment below or send me a Tweet!

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